Resona Flutes

The Resona 300 will inspire you, enhance your performance and lead to your success. This instrument shares several of our Elite flute features, most notably the Burkart scale. The Resona 300 flute gives you the sound and presence of a professional.

Why the Resona Flute is awesome!

  • Great Sound
  • USA handmade headjoint
  • Solid silver USA body, with solid silver ribs and posts
  • Feels Good
  • Keywork is designed by Burkart for comfort everywhere
  • Gold springs provide even key action which improves technique
  • Easy to Play in Tune
  • Burkart Professional Flute scale
  • Reliable
  • Finished and tested by the flute makers in the Burkart workshop
  • Solid sterling silver headjoint, body and ribs – not plated
  • USA-made, hand-crafted headjoint providing clear tone and quick response with your choice of 3 lip & riser combinations.
  • Burkart Professional A-442 scale with drawn toneholes
  • Keywork and touch pieces offer exceptional hand comfort
  • French style pointed arms
  • Open holes for the advancing player
  • Silver plated keys
  • Gold springs provide even key action, building a player’s technical ability.
  • B footjoint
  • Inline-G or Offset-G
  • Durable modern felt pads enhance resonance and stability
  • Velvet lined professional case with cover and swab

.018″ heavy wall sterling silver body tubing

.016″ sterling silver hand-cut headjoint with choice of:

  1. SS riser/silver lip plate (included)
  2. 14K riser/silver lip plate (additional charge)
  3. 9K lip plate/silver riser (additional charge)

C# trill key (additional charge)

Inline or Offset-G (included)

Split-E mechanism available on Offset-G flutes (additional charge)

The Resona flute provides great value as a professional flute. Contact your local dealer for pricing.

  • Keep the instrument stored in the case and case cover when not in use.
  • When assembling or removing the headjoint or foot joint from the body, hold the upper part of the body to avoid bending keys, especially the long G# arm.
  • Swab the instrument regularly, but carefully. Always swab after playing.
  • To swab the body, feed a long, thin strip of absorbent cloth through the slot of the swab about 2 inches. Insert the swab in the top (where the headjoint goes) of the body and push all the way out the bottom. Repeat for footjoint, starting where the centerjoint goes.
  • Do not leave the swab stick inside of the flute, especially when storing. Keep the pads dry!
  • The headjoint can be swabbed separately by pushing a little of the cloth in ahead of the stick to remove water near the cork assembly.
  • When wiping down the instrument, take care not to rub near the pads.
  • Plain cigarette paper may be used if your pads are sticky. Avoid powder paper which causes pads to tear eventually. Facial tissue without lotion may also be used between pad and tonehole.

Your Resona flute is built to last with proper maintenance. We recommend a clean, oil and adjust (C.O.A) as needed to reduce friction and wear of the mechanism.

Pad work and minor adjustments on your flute are covered for one year from the date of shipment. For more information on warranties and maintenance, please visit our warranty page.